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We have opened positions for:

Basic sciences including immunology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, pathology etc
(requisition number 73544
Please note that for educators there is no need to have license to practice medicine in the USA or Texas

Pathology ( including chair position)
Family medicine,
Pediatrics (including a chair position)
Emergency medicine,
Head and Neck Surgery,
Pediatric Intensive Care,
Pediatric Anesthesiologist,
Surgical Oncology,
Neurosurgery, etc.

There are also research positions as head of the genomics core, head of the proteomics core, and  a new position in our core research facilities, for a flow Cytometry Senior Director (requisition number 77272). Positions for researchers in infectious diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and neurosciences will be open in the near future.

El Paso is a new medical school and multiple positions are being opened and are being filled very fast. If you are aware of anyone who might be interested, please let them know about it and urge them to apply particularly if member of the association, graduated in Colombia, or student of a Colombian mentor; they can contact me directly for any questions they may have.
Nevertheless they will need to apply on line on the aforementioned TTU JOBS site

My address is

Daniel A. Terreros MD, Ph.D., FCAP; FASCP

Professor of Pathology (Tenured)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and

Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
MSB-1 Room 2112
5001 El Paso Drive
El Paso, TX  79905

Phone:   915.783.5232 Ext 229
Mobile:        915.227.5035



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